Exploring the Heart Sutra

with Richard Wurtz

September 19th—October 24th (2017)

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  • $75 Program price

The Heart Sutra is the most commonly chanted sutra in the different Buddhist traditions, and yet has always been one of the most challenging to understand. We will look closely at the description of ultimate reality that is portrayed in the Heart Sutra and use that to further our understanding and our practice. We will use the book by Karl Brunnholzl, The Heart Attack Sutra, as our text to do this exploration. People do not need to purchase the book in order to attend the class, but if you want to, or already have it, then it might be helpful.

Classes will begin at 7:00pm on Tuesday September 19 and continue every Tuesday for six weeks.    
$75 for all six classes or $15 per class on a drop-in basis.

This class will be facilitated by Richard Wurtz.