South Shore Shambhala Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund is to be used to provide financial support to members of the South Shore Shambhala Centre in financial need to attend a Shambhala program other than a locally organized event.

To be considered for this gift, members must submit an application with the following:

  • the nature, dates, location of the program
  • the significance of this event to the applicant
  • a statement of how participation in this event will benefit the wider sangha as well as the individual applicant.

~The maximum gift will be $300 Canadian. Monies offered are for the cost of the program only and will be transferred to the organizing centre on behalf of the applicant.
~The decision as to who will receive the gift will be made by the Executive Council or their designate(s).  Consideration will be given to the extent of the applicant’s apparent need and to their record of service to the Centre.
~No applicant is eligible to receive this gift more than once in a twelve (12) month period.


Please send application(s) by email to